Cheesy Jalapeno-Tomato Breakfast Bake

06/21/2012 18:10

Delicious and easy, just be careful handling those jalapenos!  No shame in wearing a glove to avoid burning skin!  This recipe was inspired by a team mom during my cross-country coaching days- thanks for the great idea!


  • jalapenos (3-4, seeds removed, chopped in thin rings)
  • onion (1 finely chopped)
  • garlic (1-2 finely chopped)
  • chedder or jack cheese, shredded (~ 1/2-1 lb)
  • eggs (6 large, beaten) ~I add a splash of water to keep them fluffy
  • tomato (1 thinly sliced) ~heirlooms are my favorite if in season!
  • salt & pepper to taste (can be mixed in with eggs)


Preheat oven to ~350 deg. F

Prepare 9 inch square pan (I use pyrex) with quick dash of cooking spray

Mix up and spread jalapenos (save a handfull of rings to decorate top), onion, and garlic on bottom and cover with shredded cheese (save handful for top), then pour in eggs.  Sprinke with remaining cheese, lay out jalapenos and tomato slices in desired pattern.

Bake ~30 min, eggs should be firm, let cool slightly before cutting to serve.

Enjoy with slices of fresh avocado, sliced fresh bread, and some fresh squeezed orange juice! Yum!