Coconut Oil

06/23/2012 11:39

This stuff can do anything... almost!  It is solid at room temperature, so may seem a little different from the oils you are used to, but worth a try!  For health benefits, always buy food grade and unrefined coconut oil, hydrogenated oils (in processed foods) should be avoided.  My food philosophy aligns with the everything in moderation rule (except for meat, which I do not eat), and this is no exception.  Unlike olive oil (my other go-to oil), this one contains saturated fats, regardless, both have many potential health benefits.  It also has antimicrobial properties that can help prevent infections both internally and externally!  Here are just some of the uses I have tried, many more can be found with a simple search online.


  • Heat in pan to saute veggies etc.  Great with stir fries and coconut curries.
  • Substitute for butter and other oils in baking (1:1 ratio), I have not been as successful using coconut oil in cookies but I made an awesome pumkin chocolate chip bread with it, recipe to come!
  • Substitute for cooking spray in baking pans

Personal care

  • Use as is on your lips, skin, and hair.  Warm oil rubbing between your hands/fingers to liquify it, then spread on.  Great for dry skin, sunburns, bug bites and cuts, and can even help reduce/prevent wrikles and stretch marks!  Great as a massage oil too!  For hair, massage into hair focusing on the ends, leave from 30 minutes to overnight (wrap in shower cap or spread towld over pillow) and rinse/wash out in the shower.  I left it on for about an hour and needed another wash or 2 to get it completely out, but hair feels soft and hydrated.  On my second attempt I left it on for close to 12 hours and had much better results, better absorption and washed out more easily leaving my hair and scalp feeling great!
  • Others to try?  How about as an ingredient to make your own toothpaste (mix with baking soda), insect repellent (mix with peppermint oil), try as mouthwash, makeup remover, face wash, and deoderant (baking soda and cornstarch)!  I'll let you know how it goes!

Home care

  • furniture polish!  Just smooth a little over the surface (mix with a little lemon juice) to hide scratches and protect.  Recommended to test on small area first.
  • Others I haven't tried yet: rust remover (smooth on, rinse after 1 hour), squeeky hinge releif, and as goo remover.