Farro Salad

09/14/2012 21:04

Farro is an ancient grain (technically a wheat) with a Roman history, thought to contribute to longevity.  It can be used in soup, risotto, and desserts... so many possibilities!


  • Farro: cook 1 cup farro with 3 cups water (boil water with a dash of salt, add farro lower heat), drain excess water when desired consistancy (somewhat chewy, not crunchy) ~10-15min  *some farro may need to be soaked prior to cooking

veggies of choice!

  • garlic: small clove if uncooked
  • onion or green onion: diced
  • carrots: diced
  • broccoli: diced
  • kale: large ribs removed, cut in small pieces
  • heirloom tomato: diced

For an itailian feel

  • fresh basil, crumbled goat cheese or hard italian cheese, pine nuts

For mexican style

  • fresh cilantro, black beans, avacado, top with salsa and fresh lime

To prepare

Toss together and serve while still warm or chilled, either alone or on a bed of fresh mixed greens with fresh ground pepper