Utila, Honduras: Halfway point!

07/25/2012 13:30

I have officially reached the halfway point of my stay with Opwall in Utila.  It has been 2 weeks filled with diving and teaching reef ecology, getting familiar with ongoing research projects, and brainstorming ideas for new ones.  Internet has been a bit of a challenge since I arrived, so I will keep this brief!

I have been busy taking a lot of photos (mostly underwater), and a few videos as well.  A little tricky since I can't change mode or settings for close up vs. landscape photos while the camera is in the housing!  But I've been able to snap a few good ones!  I'll just post a few now. 

colorful brittle stars & christmas tree worms

the fascinating flamingo tongue and black coral

a hungry school of blue tangs

schoolmaster snapper staking out the elkhorn coral

a male stoplight parrotfish patiently being cleaned by juvenile blue headed wrasses

a pair of trunkfish exploring the reef