Undergraduate Course: Living Oceans

06/19/2012 15:54
I designed this course to introduce students to the exciting field of marine biology.  A class like this provides incredible opportunities to cover a wide range of topics from the geology of ocean basins and water chemistry to the mind-boggling diversity of marine organisms.  A major...

Undergraduate Seminar: Sharks, skates, and rays, oh my! Myths and truths of elasmobranch biology

06/19/2012 15:21
Ever wonder how the way sharks and rays are portrayed by various media including TV, films, books, magazines and newspapers influences the way we feel about them and what we know about them?  These animals are often vilified by the media to grab attention.   But what do we really...

9th grade level introduction to biology and integrative science

05/10/2012 18:09
From 2001-2003 I taught the biology section of an integrative science course for primarily 9th grade students at The Webb Schools.  One of the things I loved about this opportunity was the chance to design the curriculum.  I had very limited time with the students as this part of the...