The Art-Science Connection

As the product of an art teacher and a physician, art and science have been closely linked throughout my life.  I enjoy creating useful and informative figures (Illustration), simple and elegant designs (Stationary, Invitations, & Cards), as well as free hand drawings, paintings, and ceramics (Painting & Drawing).  All of my work is infused with the influence of the natural world.  For each piece, this can mean an emphasis of the overall impression or minute details, smooth lines and vibrant colors or the interplay of light and shadow. 

There are many interconnections between art and science, for example, both science and art rely on making detailed observations of the world around me.  These observations can then lead to questions and inspire creative design.  Visualizing concepts through scientific illustration is an essential tool for learning, communicating, and understanding science.  Throughout the history of biology, drawing has played an integral role in describing, identifying, and comparing species.  In turn, technological advances have dramatically influenced the art world by enhancing both our ability to perceive the world around us and providing new creative outlets.  The invention of the camera facilitated a shift from realistic portrait painting to more abstract and impressionist styles.  The personalized computer and a fantastic array of illustration and photo editing software have provided new opportunities for art creation and manipulation.  These advances can subsequently loop back to provide scientists with new sets of tools, for example, allowing more accurate quantification of measurements through image analysis (See Making sense of stingray sensory anatomy for an example of how I've used this in my research).  I am fascinated by the many interconnections between two fields, which at first glance can seem so different. 

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