Sustainable Living

My research and education have helped me understand the recent drastic changes to the global environment.  The decline of large fishes and sharks, the rapid extinction rate and biodiversity losses as species disappear from the Earth, the toxic chemicals that have infused the planet and our own bodies, and alterations to the Earth as a habitat via climate change have instilled within me a deep concern for the future.  We live at a time when decisions made by people in the past are having severe ramifications on the health of the planet and on human health, because we rely on the Earth for our food, water and shelter.  While these people may not have imagined the global consequences of their actions in the past, this is no longer the case.  We now have the power of knowledge to understand the problems we have created and to implement solutions. 

I aim to help others become aware of and understand these issues, while identifying possible solutions through research and education.  In my own life I strive to minimize my impact and exacerbation of further deterioration of the environment.  I believe each of us must make choices we can live with to do our best to protect the Earth and its inhabitants.  Personally, I choose to consume vegetarian, local, seasonal and organic foods, to minimize my use of plastic and gasoline, and to reduce wastfullness wherever possible.  I understand that there is always more I could do, but I will not let this discourage me from doing my best.  I also realize that changes on a larger scale are vital, a global shift to renewable energy sources, elimination of the influx of toxic chemicals into the environment, better use of food resources, and alternatives to the many forms of plastic that have become so pervasive in our daily lives.  For these changes to occur, we need strong leadership and policy, investment in new technologies, and educated global citizens. 

I hope to help provide others with the tools they need to make sustainable decisions without feeling as though they are missing out on anything.  Vegetarian cooking is incredibly fun and delicious.  Organic foods are healthier and tastier.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Recipes!  For some great ideas I've found for non-toxic products, do it yourself, and reducing waste check out Green Ideas.