Marine Biology

I have always been fascinated by the ocean, stunned by its beauty at the surface and the secrets of the mysterious world below.  My research has focused on understanding the diversity of living things that make the ocean their home.  I am particularly interested in structure-function relationships; why are organisms shaped the way they are?  What differences in detection capabilities result from variations in sensory system morphology?  Looking for answers to these types of questions has led me on some fantastic adventures around the world and under the water.  Learn more about my research interests here: Research.

My desire to instill appreciation and a greater understanding of the natural world in others has directed my interest in education.   I enjoy teaching in both formal and informal settings and working with students of all ages.  Science is a fast paced, ever-changing subject and it is exciting to learn with my students about new advances.  Education whthin the fields of biology and marine biology must include current conservation concerns and potential solutions, therefore these issues permeate throughout my teaching endeavors.   Please see Education for a sample of the courses I have designed and taught.