Welcome to my Recipe page!

Unlike when I'm running an experiment and each detail must be precise and replicated, when cooking I like to be flexible and take recipes more as suggestions than rules!  Therefore, my measurements are not always super precise and many things I make slightly differently each time, I love to be creative and try new things.  With that said, these are some great ones that I want to be sure to remember!  What better way, than to keep them here were others can enjoy them too!

Bottom line, if you have fresh, high quality ingredients and flavors you like, something good will come out of it!  All ingredients are organic whenever possible and most purchased at our local farmers market.


Fried green tomatoes vegan-style (and tofu!)

11/11/2012 14:38
Got a craving to try this after getting some beautiful little green tomatoes at the farmers market that refused to get soft.  We decided they were begging to be fried! I decided to try and come up with a tasty egg-free version of this southern favorite, and use less oil than the...

Pumpkin curry empanadas

11/11/2012 14:06
This was a delicious twist on some of my favorite flavors wrapped up into tasty little pockets!  This recipe uses a basic pie dough, but another great version can be done with filo dough for a lighter, flakier wrapper. Ingredients Filling: Butternut squash (1/2 of large or whole...

Lentil-Potato cakes

10/16/2012 12:31
Lots of room to play around with ingredients and cooking styles on these delicious treats! Ingredients Potatos: I used 3 total, 2 regular and 1 sweet (Cut into chunks, boil in large pot until soft, drain water) Red lentils: 1 cup uncooked (boil 1 3/4 cups water, add lentils,...

Farro Salad

09/14/2012 21:04
Farro is an ancient grain (technically a wheat) with a Roman history, thought to contribute to longevity.  It can be used in soup, risotto, and desserts... so many possibilities! Ingredients Farro: cook 1 cup farro with 3 cups water (boil water with a dash of salt, add farro lower...

Strawberry-Beet Salad

06/21/2012 18:54
This is a variation on my favorite salad theme.  When beets and strawberries are in season it is the go-to salad!  When they're not, dried cranberries, and/or sliced apples make a great alternative!  Get the beets started early, and don't toss the beet greens!  They can be...

Kale-Walnut Pesto

06/21/2012 18:33
This one derived from a recipe I found in Real Simple Magazine, just added a few personal touches.  This is great because once you make the pesto you can use it in lots of different ways.  Some of my favorites are below! Ingredients walnuts (1/3 cup) kale (1 bunch, remove...

Cheesy Jalapeno-Tomato Breakfast Bake

06/21/2012 18:10
Delicious and easy, just be careful handling those jalapenos!  No shame in wearing a glove to avoid burning skin!  This recipe was inspired by a team mom during my cross-country coaching days- thanks for the great idea! Ingredients jalapenos (3-4, seeds removed, chopped...

Homemade Maple-Lemon Applesauce

06/21/2012 18:04
This is a slightly different twist on a delicious favorite! Ingredients apples (6) cut into smallish chunks ~I prefer to leave skin on, adds nutrients and color, and it's easier!  Feel free to try different varieties. water (1 c or less) ~apples contain a lot of water so you don't...

Savory Red Lentil Cheese Fondue & Steamed Veggies

06/21/2012 17:41
Not for the vegans out there, unless you know a great vegan cheese for melting!  If so, please share! Ingredients almond milk (1-2 cups) ~depending on desired consistency gruyere and other assorted cheeses grated (to taste) red lentils (1/3-1/2 cup) ~more lentils = thicker...